NICU Parent Project

providing healthy food, therapeutic crafts and in-person parent-to-parent support to NICU Moms


Our Impact

Each month we visit Parents who currently have babies in the NICU. Our monthly "Social Hour" happens to help ease the ups and downs of having a baby in the NICU. The co-founder and President along with the board members all had preemie babies so we can relate to our Moms. Between us, we have all had different experiences having our preemies and can speak directly to the  we service. We are proud that we visit our Parents in-person once a month and that makes a stronger impact. 



THOUSAND Dollars Raised

NPP is strictly run on money donated from individuals,. various fundraisers and through Fellowships and Grants.



Years Serving communities

We have serviced Parents for two years and we have grown from 3 hospital NICUs to 5 hospital NICUS and we are looking to expand to other states.



Hundreds of mothers Impacted

Since inception, NPP has serviced approximately 400 Parents while their babies were in the NICU. We are here to help. You are not alone.