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providing healthy food, entertainment and a little bit of love and support to NICU Moms

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We serve and visit with Preemie Moms in hospitals every month. If you'd like to support us, your donation would go directly toward helping us provide a healthy meal, self-care products and services, and care packages to Moms and Families who currently have babies in the NICU.  You can choose to give as little as $25 or as much as $1000 by choosing and clicking a button below.  Every bit helps!

And don't be shy - you can come back as often as you'd like. :)

These are just some of the things that your donations provide for Preemie Moms and Families:

  • $110 - provide an annual membership for a NICU Family Member
  • $40 - provide a PMR blanket for a NICU Family
  • $2 - provide a PMR bracelet for a NICU Family Member
  • $5 - Provide a PMR notebook for a NICU Mom to keep notes on the baby's process and procedures
  • $25 - provide a PMR t-shirt for a NICU Family Member
  • $30 - Provide a PMR tote bag for a NICU Family
  • $55 - Provide a healthier meal for a NICU family (One day)
  • $50 - provide a "date night at the movies" for a NICU Family
  • $75 - provide a "date night dinner" for a pair NICU Parents
  • $8 - $25 - provide a book(s) for the NICU library (for parents to read to their baby or as reference )

Join Preemie Moms Rock Everywhere - Become a Member

Become a Founding Member and your Membership will help us continue to grow!

Preemie Moms Rock Everywhere is a national member-based community created to connect Preemie Moms in cities across the country for sisterhood and support beyond the NICU.  It's a group through which Moms of new NICU grads and seasoned Preemie Moms can come together to release!  #NICULife is hard, and no one understands that better than another Preemie Mom!

Become a member of PMRE and your membership will directly help us continue to service Preemie Moms in local hospitals, providing healthy food for our hospital visits, movie and restaurant gift cards for date nights, maybe even a manicure, and national expansion efforts of Preemie Moms Rock, so we can help Preemie Moms Nationwide.

PLUS, it will be fun! With meetups and events in tow, support never felt so good!

Join us in creating this amazing community for Preemie/NICU Moms. Spread the word and watch us succeed at impacting as many NICU Moms and Families as possible!

What's included?

  • PMR Wristband in Turquoise
  • Quarterly Meetups / Support Groups
  • Annual Family Picnic w/ Everybody's Birthday Celebration (Members Only)
  • Quarterly Moms' Night Out (Members Only)

Though we'd love to be, we definitely can't be everywhere, so we're looking for representatives in your town to facilitate local meetups and events.  If you're interested in becoming a Preemie Moms Rock Ambassador, shoot us an email at

Monthly or Annual

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Preemie Moms Rock is proud to share Amazon sponsored links, and in return, we receive a percentage of sales directly from Amazon.  You shop at Amazon anyway, just begin shopping through us.  Stop by every so often to refresh your links!

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Preemie Moms Rock uses its resources to provide our services to NICU Moms and Families.  If you would like to sponsor monetarily or with in-kind gifts, please feel free to contact us using the form below. 

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